The lighting devices we manufacture

For over 15 years we have been supporting important lighting brands to bring their ideas to light, destined to different countries around the world in the industrial, commercial, domestic and architectural fields.

Each context requires a complex design that respects the regulatory framework of each individual country. The lighting devices we produce meet the legislative requirements, starting from the project phase.

We work in the utmost confidentiality and the whole team is oriented to respond to the specific - planning and economic - needs of the client, who is consulted at every stage of the project.

We add value to the most prestigious lighting brands by contributing to their technical, design and production development.

Our business:





Our vision:
be a reliable partner of lighting brands that need extremely high level of specialisation

We design lighting devices used in different sectors and for different environmental and architectural contexts. The brands that entrust us with their products are specialized in indoor and outdoor lighting, for the public and private sector.

Some fields of application:

Domestic, residential indoor and outdoor.
Street, sport, urban fields. Green areas, playground areas.
Architectural, naval, industrial, hospital, commercial fields.

We have an in-depth knowledge of light sources - from traditional to the most advanced - the design and executive criticalities of products that require strong industrialization and we know what is required for unique pieces.