Team of specialized technicians

Latest generation instrument park

Electrical and mechanical tests 

ra_LAB is subject to annual PJLA inspections according to ISO IEC 17025 requirements and is able to carry out safety tests and verifications to comply with safety standards "luminaires" CEI EN IEC 60598 and "LED modules for general lighting" CEI EN IEC 62031, both in their laboratories as well as in associated laboratories.

ra_LAB is associated with ASSIL (Italian Association of Lighting Manufacturers) and is an active member and participant of the CT34, SC34A and SC34D Technical Committee that allows ra_LAB to recognize the evolution of regulations in advance. This allows ra_LAB to highlight new regulatory requests to its customers.

ra_LAB employs specialized and continuously trained technicians to offer the necessary support to solve any problems encountered during analysis and testing.

ra_LAB is equipped with all tools for the execution of electrical safety tests, shocks, climate tests, verification of IP grade in line with European and international standards.

_ Specialized technicians

A team of specialized technicians supports design, prototyping and production.

For customers who entrust us with all phases of product development and series production, ra_LAB certifies structural characteristics and compliance with regulations right from the start of the project.


Last generation instrumental park. Fundamental asset of production choices.

Ra_LAB supports the design choice of companies that entrust us with their projects or that carry out prototyping or production within them.


Electrical and mechanical tests.

We test the luminaire and the individual components at any stage of development. The tests carried out in ra_LAB are recognized by the main certification bodies and through specific procedures it is possible to obtain European and international quality labels.

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Ra_LAB laboratory,
fulfillment of certification practices

RA-Lab offers the management of the entire practice for the
fulfillment of voluntary and mandatory certifications:


health and safety requirements provided for by relevant Community directives or regulations.


electrical / electronic product compliance with IEC standards valid in all countries that adhere to the IECEE system


European Norms Electrical Certification


Keuring Electrotechnisch Materieel Arnhem


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